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Traffic Safety Series

Our pilot program focuses on two objectives:


(1) Assess the Castor Beacon’s efficacy in cautioning and influencing incoming motorists and nearby civilians when deployed around traffic hazards.


(2) Offer traffic safety stakeholders the opportunity to learn how they can save on equipment costs and improve their overall safety with our reliable and highly visible Castor Beacon.

*Please note that our program does not require the stakeholders involved to purchase the pilot units. We offer our Castor Beacons at no cost to you for a set period of time.


Oombo designed the Castor Beacon to easily adapt to any emergency and or hazard. With simple twist-lock attachments and modules, you are equipped to safeguard the public from any situation without worrying about the integrity of your equipment. Oombo is dedicated to challenging traditional traffic safety equipment by releasing the world’s first all-in-one emergency management device. The Castor Beacon was built to exceed the visibility benchmarks of traditional equipment using its ultra-bright LED bulb that is capable of multiple light patterns and is visible from 1 km. 

As the transportation field becomes smarter and more complex, Oombo is positioning the first generation of Castor Beacons to be upgradable to support future functions in smart city applications. We foresee a long future of upcoming attachments, modules, and sensors that will extend the utility offered by the Castor Beacon (i.e. smart accident reporting and management). 



First, we will start by demonstrating the Castor Beacon and its many functions. We will then assess your organization's ROI when using the Castor Beacon compared to the current traffic equipment being used.

At this stage, we aim to identify the optimal number of Castor Beacons that are required per fleet vehicle.

Demo & ROI Assessment


We will work together to locate test environments for the pilot program, including but not limited to urban, rural, and/or suburban environments. Test environments will need to be static in nature to ensure the safety of all stakeholders in the early tests.


As the pilot progresses, we can explore the opportunity to deploy the Castor Beacons in more dynamic environments to diversify the pilot data collected.

Pilot Location Setup


Prioritizing Key Metrics & KPIs

We will work together to assess the best data collection methods and key metrics.


We will meet with traffic safety specialists and supervisors in your organization to establish the key metrics that will be prioritized in the pilot tests.


We will collect and analyze the metrics and KPIs throughout the pilot. The analysis of the pilot data will focus on finding trends in usage and the external effects made in their environment.

Once the data has been analyzed we will present a comprehensive case study for your review so you can make an honest assessment of the positive impact the Castor Beacon has made on your organization

Data Collection & Analysis

FULL CASTOR 15_edited.png


We structured the Castor Pilot Program using the A/B testing methodology. The program will collect data to show the difference in traffic behavior by the influence of traditional road safety equipment vs the Castor Beacon. The program intends to prove that the Castor Beacons will cause incoming traffic to have a greater overall reduction in approach speed and cause a safer deviation from the disabled vehicle and persons involved in comparison to traditional road safety equipment. In addition to the environmental impact of the Castor Beacon, we are also intending to contrast the high visibility, durability, and versatility against the traditional equipment currently being used.


We are strong believers in the ideology of listening to all stakeholders that will be impacted by our solutions at a round table to ensure all facets of our innovations are considered. Your insight, criticism, and honest feedback is instrumental to our work at Oombo - in effect, your feedback on the Castor Beacon directly contributes to the betterment of the traffic safety field.

You will be freely and honestly able to assess all the values and benefits of the Castor Beacon in your daily operations and on your own terms.


Oombo is interested in partnering with safety-conscious organizations. Specifically, organizations that factor traffic safety in their daily operations, and are positioning themselves to adapt to the future of traffic safety in smart cities.


Such candidates can be emergency responders (police, fire, paramedics), trucking/transport drivers, utility truck drivers, and public works laborers. The daily operations that would be best suited for Castor Pilot Program are situations where the candidate(s) engage in traffic zone work regularly, signal nearby motorists of an existing traffic hazard, or if they have a protocol of deploying signaling equipment if one of their fleet vehicles are disabled on the road.


The intake of candidate applications for the Castor Pilot Program will be conducted on a rolling basis



FULL CASTOR 4_edited.png
FULL CASTOR 4_edited.png
FULL CASTOR 4_edited.png
FULL CASTOR 4_edited.png
FULL CASTOR 4_edited.png
FULL CASTOR 4_edited.png



  • Six Castor Beacons 

  • Castor Travelers Bag

  • Oombo liasion 

  • Fleet Vehicle from the pilot candidate 

  • Pilot Test Team from piloting organization - stakeholders involved with Traffic Safety Operations

  • 1 - 2 days to set up the pilot test 

  • 2 weeks of dynamic and static testing 

  • 1 week for post-test review and assessment with key stakeholders (i.e. Fleet Managers, Safety/Compliance Officers)


If you are interested in witnessing how the Castor Beacon can improve your organization's traffic safety efforts, please feel free to fill out the pilot intake form below, and we will connect with you soon.


Thank you! We’ll be in touch.

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