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  • Can I test the Castor Beacon(s) before purchase?
    You are both welcome and encouraged to enter our beta test program before purchasing our Castor Beacon(s). We understand that safety is the highest priority for many businesses, however, the manner in which safety is excericsed is also important. If interested in participating in our beta test programs, please visit the Contactpage to reach out to us.
  • When was Oombo founded?
    Oombo was founded in Oshawa, Ontario on June 2017.
  • What does the Oombo logo represent?
    There are two components to Oombo's logo: the formation of the three circles, and the eclipse shape within each circle. The three-circle formation is was inspired by the same symbol found on shields of ancient roman soldiers - this was emblematic of the universal symbol for protection and safety: the shield. The eclipse shape foreshadows a safer future; similar to a lunar aclipse, the brighter side is still yet to come - just like our greatest innovations.
  • What does "Oombo" mean?"
    The definition of the Latin word “umbo” means to protect or offer assistance. Oombo is the English derivation of “umbo”. The physical definition of “umbo” is the center boss of a circular shield.
  • Is the Castor Beacon weather-resistant?
    Yes, the Castor Beacon is IPX6 waterproof which protects it from traditional inclement weather (rain, snow, etc).
  • Is the device visible in the day time?
    Yes, the Castor Beacon is equipped with retroreflective strips along the baton-body. These D.O.T certified strips allows for clear daytime visibility from up to 1 km away.
  • Can the Castor Beacon be used with other equipment?
    Yes. The ethos behind the Castor's design is universal utility. This is evident through our parts library that permits the flexible deployment in multiple environments/applcations. For example, a Castor Beacon can be deploy with a traffic pylon in two ways: 1. Mounted on top of the pylon using our cone-mount attachment 2. Deployed on the ground with a flat-base attachment and the pylon can be placed over the beacon - glowing pylon.
  • What batteries does the Castor Beacon require?
    The Castor Beacon requires 4 alkaline D-Cell batteries which provides the user with 36 hours of battery life using the solid light setting and 70 hours on the strobe settings.
  • How do you turn the device on?
    Simply twist the assembled Castor Beacon into the desired light setting: First Turn Setting: Locks the bulb to the baton-body Second Turn Setting: Selects the solid light setting Third Turn Setting: Selects the strobe light setting Fourth Turn Setting: Selects the S.O.S morse code light setting. Note: The orange circle on the bulb provides a visual cue of which light setting you have selected.
  • What is the lifetime of the Castor Beacon?
    The Castor Beacon is rated to have an estimated lifetime of 5 - 7 years with regular usage. This is due to the device's high-grade ABS/aluminum housing, and impact-resistant rubber sleeve.
  • How would I know if the battery of the Castor Beacon is low?
    The Castor Beacon bulb has an amber low-battery indicator under the translucent bulb cover and is placed to the right of the main LED bank.
  • How far can I see the Castor Beacon?
    The Castor Beacon uses efficient yet ultrabright LEDs that match the intensity of flammable flares and can be seen from 1 km.



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