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About Us

Oombo is a modern safety equipment company that has a dedicated focus on safety management. We deeply appreciate the dedication of workers in the infrastructure development and maintenance sector who contribute to the growth and enhancement of our cities. Recognizing the inherent risks associated with their roles, we strive to develop technologies that enables them to safely and efficiently carry out their tasks in these bustling work zones.

Our Values

Prioritizing Safety

We understand the importance of safety in the workplace. Which is why we remain vigilant of opportunities to enhance worker safety when designing our products.

Innovative Engineering

We prioritize your needs over following trends, ensuring that our focus remains on what is best for you.. We encourage an open-table discussion with key stakeholders to see how far we can push the envelope of safe innovation.

Environmental Consciousness

We are committed to minimizing waste and ethically sourcing our supply chain, recognizing our collective responsibility for the health of our planet. Additionally, our product's ability to replace damaged components separately contributes to reducing plastic waste.


Our Mission

To deliver safety management solutions that revolutionize traditional equipment and industry protocols. We place an intense focus on innovative engineering design to safely serve you in any situation. Our products are designed to revive the trust in your equipment and refocus your attention to the demanding and hazardous environment being safeguarded. We understand that the dynamic and fast changing nature of worksites can result in things going wrong, we make sure our equipment is not one of them.

Our Vision

We see Oombo becoming an industry leader in the global push towards smart city infrastructure. As industries move towards digitally dependent workflows and tools such as artificial intelligence, we believe in modernizing traditional safety equipment to facilitate the implementation of smart city technologies.

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