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  • What does "Oombo" mean?
    The definition of the Latin word “umbo” means to protect or offer assistance. Oombo is the English derivation of “umbo”. The physical definition of “umbo” is the center boss of a circular shield.
  • What does the Oombo logo represent?
    There are two components to Oombo's logo: the formation of the three circles, and the eclipse shape within each circle. The three-circle formation is was inspired by the same symbol found on shields of ancient roman soldiers - this was emblematic of the universal symbol for protection and safety: the shield. The eclipse shape foreshadows a safer future; similar to a lunar eclipse, the brighter side is still yet to come - just like our greatest innovations.
  • Can I test the Brite-Mount before Purchase?
    You are both welcome and encouraged to book a demo before purchasing our Brite-Mount. We understand that safety is the highest priority for many businesses, however, the manner in which safety is exercised is also important.
  • How do you turn the device on?
    By simply twisting the bulb clockwise after plugging it into the Brite-Mount body. There are preset light settings for each twist; lock, solid light, strobe light and SOS flash pattern.
  • Is the device visible in the day time?
    Yes, in addition to our ultra bright LED bulb, the Brite-Mount comes equipped with a retro-reflective strip surrounding the body for maximum visibility.
  • How far can I see the Brite-Mount?
    Oombo's Brite-Mount is unmatched in terms of visibility and safety. The Brite-Mount can be seen from an eye-opening 1 km away at night, making our equipment stand out in low-light and high-risk environments.
  • How would I know if the battery of the Brite-Mount is low?
    If the bulb is attached to the Brite-Mount body and set to the lock position, a bright red LED will begin flashing rapidly to indicate that charging is required.
  • What is the lifetime of the Brite-Mount?
    The Brite-Mount was designed 3 - 5 years under normal usage and following our care instructions. We understand the importance of durable and reliable equipment in industrial settings, and our products are crafted to meet these needs.
  • Is the Brite-Mount weather resistant?
    The Brite-Mount products offered by Oombo are designed to be IPX6 water resistant, allowing users to deploy them in rainy or snowy conditions without worry. Additionally, the Brite-Mount is capable of operating in temperature ranges from -40C to 80C, making it suitable for a wide range of environmental conditions.
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