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Illuminate your work zone.
Receive real-time updates on safety breaches. 
Execute tasks with dynamic planning capabilities.
—all in one solution.

At Oombo, we comprehend the intricate and evolving dynamics of modern construction and industrial work sites. As worksites continue to digitize, we recognize the need for innovative solutions to consistently enhance worker safety, ensuring everyone returns home safely.

Proudly Designed and Tested in 

A Better Way to Secure a Worksite

Whether it's securing a work site or developing a traffic plan we believe that there are fundamental needs to ensure efficient operation and communication. The Brite-Mount is supported by a reliable Wi-Fi mesh network that allows each device to communicate with each other. This communication allows for more efficient workflows such as the following: 

Increased Visibility

Monitor Breaches

Dynamic Planning

environment 2.png

The Brite-Mount can alert from a distance of up to 1 kilometer, ensuring intense visibility in all weather conditions with 360-degree light distribution.

Each Brite-Mount includes a built-in GPS chip, enabling workers to instantly receive alerts on their phones if their work zones are compromised.

The Oombo app facilitates active collaboration for companies to develop and modify traffic control plans, enabling dynamic adjustments to their work site.

Designed with Purpose



of employees have been placed in unsafe conditions due to poor communication


of unexpected medical events involving death, or injury have been caused by communication errors in a worksite 


likelihood of completing their projects on time when companies prioritize effective communication

Illuminated - Left View (CLOSE UP).png

Ultra-High Visibility

360 degree light distribution

Visible from 1 kilometer away

Main Features

Safe for Workers

The Brite-Mount prioritizes worker safety with its ultra-bright LEDs, suitable for deployment in any environment. Establishing an alert system around your work zone guarantees worker accountability, providing prompt notifications in case of a worksite breach.



Our environmentally friendly LEDs have a lifespan of over 100,000 hours. The Brite-Mount also comes equipped with a rechargeable lithium ion battery pack as standard. Our solar-powered Brite-Mount model allows users to charge during daytime usage.


Compliant with Traffic Laws

Under the IHSA health and safety manual in Chapter 29 for traffic control, traffic control personnel are advised to be seen by approaching traffic for at least 150 meters. This is accomplished by our bright indicator LED bulb and the reflective strip,. The Brite-Mount can caution motorists and civilians from an eye-opening 1 kilometer away.


Serviceable & Upgradable Design

The Brite-Mount offers you the freedom to adapt your equipment according to the task and or environment. Our Twist & Click style modular components allow for streamlined deployment and collection in any hazardous environment.


Trackable Assets

Effortlessly monitor your assets by generating a digital twin of your work environment through the Brite-Mounts, ensuring accurate tracking of members/assets within a work zone. With the Oombo application, establish a geo-fenced work environment and allocate a unique ID to each beacon, complete with individual GPS coordinates, once the devices are deployed.

Digitize Your Work Zone

Work zone mode of the Oombo app was designed to permit construction and industrial companies to keep track of their worksites around the clock. By enabling real-time detection of intrusions, this mode empowers companies to promptly address and mitigate any hazards posed to workers, fostering a proactive approach to workplace safety.

environment 2.png

Prompt Safety Alerts

prompt safety alerts.png

If one of the Brite-Mounts is disturbed or displaced, an audible alert will be sent to the phones of the workers in the zone as well as other stakeholders in remote locations. such as safety managers.

The LED bulbs will also be strobing in a distressed flash pattern until the device is placed back in the approximate area of the previously established work zone.

Safety Demands Communication

Injured Worker.jpg

In 2022, the construction sector in Canada reported

183 fatalities,

the highest among all sectors for that year.

In 2023, Ontario recorded more than

240,000 injury claims,

resulting in benefits payouts totaling

$2.5 billion,

marking the highest figure since 2012.

Injury Claims.jpg

The top three occupations with the highest average cost per claim included motor vehicle and transit drivers, trades helpers and laborers, installers, repairs, and services.

Costs of Lost Time Injury Claims

According to the Occupational Safety Group of Ontario

Beyond the tragedy of worker injuries, the true costs incurred by an employer due to a worker's absence can have a significant and long lasting impact on the company. Prioritizing safety is not just for the sake of the worker but for the safeguarding of the company's productivity and profitability. There are both indirect and direct costs associated with lost time injury claims as outlined by the occupational safety group of Ontario in this section.

Group 363.png
Group 365.png

By capitalizing on the Brite-Mount system, businesses can unlock substantial advantages. For further insights into the rewards of prioritizing safety investments and understanding the method for calculating net gains for a company in their respective industry, feel free to explore the provided links.

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