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Welcome to Oombo

umbo[ uhm-boh ]
noun, plural um·bo·nes [uhm-boh-neez] /ʌmˈboʊ niz/, um·bos.
Spherical protuberance/stud, as one at the center of a circular shield.

we reworded it to match our logo.

Our Mission

To develop advanced emergency response equipment to improve the lives of those who protect us.

In doing this, Oombo's efforts extends beyond the people we help directly to the community they serve.

What We Do

Our first innovative solution is the EB 300, an electronic alternative to hazardous flammable road flares.

The EB 300 is designed to be deployed in various traffic safety application, such as highlighting traffic hazards (i.e. car accidents). In addition, the EB 300 is capable of a wider variety of outdoor applications due to it's modularity. Such outdoor applications can include guiding helicopter landings, outdoors activities (i.e. hiking, fishing, etc.), promotional/sporting events, guiding airplanes on tarmacs. 

Our Vision

Oombo envisions a future where emergency response is reinvented to support those on the front-line. The EB 300 is simply our first statement in our promise to support the first respondents community.

Produces carcinogenic fumes that can cause cancer. In addition, the harmful fumes can cause both skin and eye irritations as well as mild asphyxiation.

So What's the Problem?


Fragile structural Integrity. Making the flares susceptible to spontaneous combustion of chemical leakages if not stored correctly.


Limited burn time of 15-30 minutes. Typical traffic accidents can take up to 1-2 hours to clean up.


Introducing, The World's First Modular Emergency Beacon


The EB 300

Main Features


Freedom of Flexibility

The EB 300 is equipped with a modular design which permits the user with the ability to either replace damaged parts and or upgrade to our constantly increasing library of attachments, bulbs, and main body. 

Superior Visibility 

Ultra bright LED's provides the device with it's road-flare status. These specialized chip on board LED's create the competitive brightness to flammable flares. With a lifetime of 100,000 hours, the EB 300 LED's are prepared to perform for long periods of time without compromising it's light intensity.


Long-Lasting Battery Life

The EB 300 is able to output it's full light intensity for 10 hours. Providing the user with a substantially  amount of time to effectively deploy the EB 300 in numerous emergency scenarios before replacing the batteries.

Simple User Interface

The EB 300's user interface comprises of 5 light settings: ON, 1 flash/second, 2 flashes/second, 3 flashes/second, and a S.O.S Morse code pattern. The user can select one of these settings by twisting the device on itself.


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How Does it Work?

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